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Kingston is an area that is rich in history and local culture. From beautiful gardens to enchanting bridges, you will find a little bit of everything on your visit. Whether you are looking for photo ops or a restaurant in kingston that you will love, here are 5 attractions you will not want to miss.

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See Canbury Gardens.

What once was a 19th century eyesoreis a now beautiful garden. Once a place were parishioners sent their animals to graze, this sprawling garden is great place to have a picnic or toss around a ball. Whether you want to celebrate the historic past of the area or you just want to spend a few hours on one of the garden's tennis courts, you will have a great time that you will not soon forget at Canbury Gardens.

Eat at a fine restaurant in Kingston. They are all pretty incredible.

Known for its many amazing sidewalk cafes, restaurants and unique, local eats, while you are here in Kingston you will definitely want to grab a bite to eat. With countless pubs, grill-style restaurants and even fine local dining, you cannot go wrong when you stop in at a restaurant in Kingston.

*Helpful Hint Eat at a restaurant that looks busy. This means that the locals trust it and that the food is amazing.

Visit the famous Kingston Bridge. You will feel like you have turned back the calendar and stepped through time.

The Kingston Bridge looks like something out of an ancient fairy tale and, if you stop by, you will feel as though you have stepped into another time. Don't forget to bring your camera. This is a bridge that you will not soon forget.

Take photo ops at the Out of Order art display. (Trust us it is worth the walk by.)

Porter loos are great when you really need to go - but you might not give much thought to them when you do not need to use the restroom. One artist did, however, and that is how Kingston came to have the Out of Order art display. It is weird. It is wonderful. It is uniquely Kingston.

Spend some time at the Kingston Museum and Heritage Centre. It is small but mighty... and free!

Filled with history, the Kingston Museum and Heritage Centre may be small but it is jam packed with local allure. From aviation history to local history, you will find it all here... and all for free admission.

Go to the Clattern Bridge. It's charming!

Another bridge with old world charm the Clattern Bridge is tiny and nestled over a river. Here you will find ducks and swans ready to grab a quick bite of your sandwich crusts. Don't miss the many photo ops!

From fairy tale bridges to history museums, Kingston is a spot that offers plenty of small wonders. When you are in the area, by sure to stop by for good food, good fun and good company. You will be so glad that you did.